• how does it work?

    FullTraffic's exclusive traffic network delivers high quality Full Page Advertising (Interstitial Ads) solutions. Our traffic dramatically increases your company's reach across the Internet by powerfully delivering your targeted message to your desired audience.

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    All you need for a Full Page Ad is the URL of your homepage, but in most cases you'll do even better by pointing users to an uncluttered, compelling page created with your core campaign goals in mind, a Landing Page.

    Web traffic from FullTraffic is lower in cost when compared to traditional paid search and display models, which are often oversaturated with competition.


    Statistics data is processed in real-time, so you don't have to wait in suspense for it to become available to report on, analyze and optimize compared to other systems that lag behind by 24 hours or more! oversaturated with competition.

  • global traffic

    These packages are mostly designed to increase your brand awareness. By driving to your Website hundreds of daily visitors you don't need to worry any more about letting the World know about you.

    Let us create a scenario. You own a Designer Recruitment Agency in Philadelphia. Whenever a client has a role in the Design department to fill, you want to ensure that the first name that springs to mind is yours.

    How do you achieve this? - By advertising your Product / Service via Full Page Ads, you ensure that Visitors will actually SEE you ad, in a full page ad covering the entire publisher site, visitors are compelled to view the ad before the desired content is available in much the same way as a television ad appears before your favorite TV show.

    Start now and get visitors to your Website right away!

  • ip unique traffic

    Send unique visitors to your Site. Our system records who have already visited your site and won't show your ad to the same visitor more than once.

    Targetting Capabilities:

    by country

    Choose to show your ad over the entire network or only to visitors coming from specific Countries.

    by channel

    Choose among 10 Channels to advertise your Site.

    Unlike other ad networks, we do not allow our publishers to select their Categories, which will probably result in showing your ads on sites that do not match your requirements. Our Publisher Approval Team inspects every publisher's site to determine to which Categories it corresponds.

    by reach

    By tracking the time each visitor spends in your site, the system is able to determine which Publishers' Sites are driving "better" traffic to your ad, and then narrow your campaign to only those Publishers.

    Choosing "REACH" will show your ad over the entire network, while selecting "PERFORMANCE" the campaign will deliver only those visitors really interested in what you are offering.

  • alexa boosting traffic

    If you are selling on the internet, think of your Alexa ranking as a symbol of your trust and professionalism. A higher rank simply means you are getting more traffic than your competitors. In your customers eyes a higher rank can make the difference between you, or your competitor getting the sale.

    The only way to get a better Ranking in Alexa is having more traffic than the others.

    how do we do it?

    Alexa bases its rankings on the information they receive from users that have their toolbar installed. As our traffic is 100% REAL PEOPLE accessing your website, all those users that see your ad and have the Alexa toolbar will automatically notify Alexa about it. As a result, not only you will get tons of REAL visitors to your site, but also your Alexa ranking will increase.

    Our service guarantees the final ranking you ordered by the end of your campaign; or you will get 100% of the price you paid back!