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Can I control my daily maximum traffic?
Yes, you may set a daily maximum for traffic. However, if the maximum is more than the amount of available traffic, there could be days when your daily maximum isn't met.
Can I change my destination URL from my account?
Yes. You can change your campaign's URL as many times as you need. In order to do so follow these steps: Go to your Live Stats Click the campaign you wish to change Click the "Manage Campaign button" Click the Change URL button and type the new URL That's it! Please understand that any change you m...
Can I have sound/video in my Website?
Our Terms of Service does not allow Websites with auto-playing media. That means Websites that automatically reproduce sound/music that may disturb the visitor from his/her normal browsing is not allowed. We have no problems with music and videos as long as they start paused or muted, so the user ha...
What are CPMs based on?
CPMs are performance based. Starting at 70%, they can increase or decrease depending on the performance of the traffic. By performance we mean the time each visitor leaves the ad open and the source of the traffic (Countries, Channels and Keywords). In order to really gauge your performance, it's...
Where does the traffic come from?
We operate with an ad network of more than 1 million publishers (i.e. websites). Your site is shown as a pop-in (which is an embedded window to the publisher's website) while the visitor is browsing the publisher's website. The visitor must decide whether to continue browsing in your site or close t...
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