Most Common Questions

Are there any types of ads you do not accept?
Yes, we do not accept ads promoting illegal activities and/or adult related ads. Also, Websites containing pop-ups of any king, javascript messages, auto-download, frame breaking code or auto-playing media are not allowed.
I want a refund. How do I go about the process?
In order to process your refund, you will need to open a support ticket here: Do note that if you would like to get a refund, you will need to close the PayPal dispute first (if you have one) before opening a support ticket.
What's the difference between Global Traffic and IP Unique Targeted Traffic?
The main difference between Global and IP Unique Targeted campaigns is that IP Unique campaigns have priority over Global. Additionally, you can target IP Unique Targeted Campaigns to specific countries, channels and keywords. They are also IP Unique during the entire campaign, which means that y...
Can I have sounds or videos on my site?
We cannot advertise sites that have auto-playing videos, as this is against our Terms of Service. This can be resolved by setting the video to be paused or muted by default.
Can I pause my campaign from my account?
Yes, in order to pause a campaign you need to go to your campaign management and click the "Pause" link under the campaign information. You can resume it later clicking the "Resume" link.
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