Most Common Questions

How can I access my campaign metrics?
Once you place your order, you will have access to your Live Stats, where you can view and control the amount of daily visitors and other variables. You can access the Live Stats page here:
What types of ads do you display?
We use full-page ads (Interstitials and Pop-Unders) to show the ads.
Can I target users by age or gender?
We do not have the ability to target by age or gender since we do not install any tracking (privacy breaching) cookies on visitors' computers. However, you can use our keyword targeting option and select keywords related to your website, such as "cooking, gourmet food, cooking recipes, etc."
Can I get traffic for adult websites or services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer adult traffic for adult Websites.
What happens if malware is found in my website or ad?
YOUR WEBSITE MUST BE FREE OF ANY THREAT OR VIRUS. Be aware that if a threat is found on your site, the penalty is a full cancellation of your campaign and you will lose the right to get a refund or to re-activate it. We highly recommend that you check your site before placing your order at: http://w...
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If you have not found the answer to your question in our Frequently Asked Questions, or need to contact our staff, please email us.